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In today's Internet-driven world, having a professional, well-designed website is vital to your business and to the image you portray to your customers and fans. And if you're an author, showcasing your books and your "brand" is crucial to growing your list of readers and followers.


Because people use the Internet more than any other source to gather information and gain an impression of what you have to offer, your website must reflect well your business, your work, and you!​ A lovely site can educate, inspire, highlight services, inform of events, provide tools for the media, and more—but overall, it serves to engage potential clients, customers, or readers, invite a level of trust, and enhance your credibility, regardless of the profession you're in. 


To accomplish your unique and fitting concept, I will collaborate with you to achieve the look and feel you desire, both in design and in content. I can further assist you in writing, editing, and proofreading your content to ensure it's impeccable, as well as create original graphics for a truly customized site.


When we're finished, your site will be the perfect reflection of you, garnering the credibility you deserve!

Knowing that credibility with your site visitors is paramount, I am personally dedicated to meticulous attention to all aspects of your stellar website.


The following outlines the key details I focus on as a website designer when preparing your site for the Internet:

  • A creative approach to reflecting you and your brand for optimal engagement using the Wix platform

  • A fitting overall concept

  • Pleasing color schemes and layout

  • Superbly written and polished content

  • Easy navigation

  • Attention-grabbing opt-ins

  • Beautiful galleries and use of images

  • Custom-made graphics

  • Appropriate keywords and phrases for SEO optimization   

  • A customary privacy policy, suited to your business/brand

  • Properly functioning links

  • Purchase portals, if applicable

  • Additions of apps tailored to your particular site needs

  • Complete collaboration with you to achieve your desired presentation

       $70 per hour

   See my Portfolio page for samples

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