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editing, cover design, interior layout, proofreading, ebook creation, and publishing, unless otherwise noted


[ alphabetical by author ]

Jayme Amos

     Choosing the Right Practice Location:

     The Overlooked Ways Demographics,

     PPOs, Taxes & Retirement Are Linked

     to This Critical Decision

Greg Anderson

     Cancer and the Lord's Prayer (Spanish)

     Cancer and the Lord's Prayer     

        (German) [interior only]

     Cancer and the Lord's Prayer

        (Chinese) [interior and cover only]

Patty Bear & Pat Shannon

     House of the Sun: A Visionary Guide

     for Parenting in a Complex World

Belinda Burum

     Finding Love After 40: Real Stories

     About Real Love in the Prime of Life

     (and a Little Beyond) [#1 International

     Amazon Bestseller]

R. James Case

     Fear Is a Choice: Unraveling the

     Illusion of Our Separation from Love

Donna Chicone

     Being a Super Pet Parent: Everything

     You Need to Know to Foster a Long,

     Loving Relationship with Your Dog 

     [winner of a 2016 National Indie

     Excellence Award; winner of the

     Independent Press Award; winner,

     Book Excellence Awards; Runner-up,

     Shelf Unbound's 2016 Best Indie


Patricia David

     The 'Her'story of Davidisms: My

     Answers to 30 Years of Career

     Questions People Have Asked Me

Gordon Duffy

     7 Exercise Myths That Are Killing

     Americans: The Ageless Truths That

     Will Keep You Fit, Functional &

     Fabulous for a Lifetime

Amy Eden

     The Kind Self-Healing Book: Raise

     Yourself Up with Curiosity and



[ alphabetical by author ]

Moshe Engelberg, with Stacey Aaronson

     The Amare Wave: Uplift Your Business

     by Putting Love to Work

Ross Flowers, PhD

     Introducing Your Child to Sports: An

     Expert's Answers to Parents' Questions

     about Raising a Healthy, Balanced,

     Happy Athlete

Gary Guller & Phillip Macko

     Make Others Greater: Vital Lessons

     from Dynamic Innovators, Explorers

     and Everyday Heroes That Will Inspire

     the Way You Lead

Vickey Kall

     The Boomer Book of Christmas


John Kinyon & Ike Lasater with Julie Stiles

     From Conflict to Connection:

     Transforming Difficult Conversations

     into Peaceful Resolutions

Jay Kshatri, MBA

     Think Smarter in a Digitally Enabled


Ike Lasater, John Kinyon & Julie Stiles

     When Your Mind Sabotages Your

     Dreams: Turning Your Critical Internal

     Voices into Collaborative Allies

Phillip Macko

     Think Your Age, Don't Act It: 16 Hard-

     Knock Lessons to Help You Achieve

     Personal Reinvention at Any Age

Betsy Massar, MBA   

     Admitted: An Interactive Workbook for

     Getting into a Top MBA Program

Delatorro L. McNeal, II, MS, CSP

     Thriving Through Your Storms: 12

     Profound Lessons to Help You Grow

     Through Anything You Go Through in

     Life [excluding cover]

Tim Pollard

     The Compelling Communicator:

        Mastering the Art and Science of

        Exceptional Presentation

        Design [excluding cover]

     Mastering the Moment: Perfecting the

        Skills and Processes of Exceptional

        Presentation Delivery [excluding



[ alphabetical by author ]

Julie Santiago

     Awaken [excluding cover] [2019 Gold

     Medal IPPY award for best Self-Help


Steve Scheier

     Do More Good. Better: Using the

     Power of Decision Clarity® to Mobilize

     the Talent of Your Nonprofit Team

     [Finalist for the 2016 Terry McAdam

     Book Award, founded by the Nonprofit

     Management Association]

Ora Shtull, MBA

     The Glass Elevator: A Guide to

     Leadership Presence for Women on

     the Rise

Jack Singer, PhD

     The Financial Advisor's Ultimate Guide

     to Stress Mastery: 77 Proven

     Prescriptions to Build Your Resilience

Jim Skinner

     Smart Patient, Smart Money: The

     Simple Guide to Becoming an

     Educated, Empowered, Money-Saving

     Champion of the Healthcare You


Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

     An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles:

        Campfire Conversations with Alfred

        Russel Wallace on People and Nature

        Based on Common

        Travel in the Malay Archipelago, the

        Land of the Orangutan, and the Bird

        of Paradise

     Dead, but Still Kicking: Encounters

        with Mediums, Shamans, and Spirits 

     Distant Greens: Golf, Life and

        Surprising Serendipity On and Off

        the Fairways

     Exceptional Encounters: Enhanced

        Reality Tales from Southeast Asia

Patricia Thompson, PhD

     The Consummate Leader: A Holistic

     Guide to Inspiring Growth in Others ...

     and in Yourself


editing, cover design, interior layout, proofreading, ebook creation, and publishing, unless otherwise noted

Fiction / Memoir /

[ alphabetical by author ]

Jan Banaszek

     Gathering the Fragments of Myself: A

     Later-in-Life Coming-of-Age Story of

     One Woman's Road to Wholeness

Patty Bear

     From Plain to Plane: My Mennonite

     Childhood, A National Scandal, and

     an Unconventional Soar to Freedom 

     [Silver Winner, 2022 IBPA Benjamin

     Franklin Award, Religion]

Louise Blocker

     My Swan Lake Life: An Interactive

     Histoir, 80,000 B.C – May 31, 1965,

     A.D. [Bronze Winner, IPPY Award;

     Shorlisted for the Eric Hoffer Award]

Lee Breitkreutz

     3 Miracles and a Near-Death


Ashley Davis

     A Life Through Letters: An Aging

     Father's Legacy, a Son's Revelation,

     the Birth of a Movement

Paul Ecke

     Boy Dreamer: An Artist's Memoir of

     Identity, Awakening, and Beating the

     Odds [Finalist, Book Excellence


Lene Fogelberg

     The Lightning Tree [excluding cover]

     Book One of the NI Revolution trilogy

Carroll James, DDS

     I Swear to Tell the Tooth: Humorous

        (and Sometimes Touching) Tales

        from a Globe-Trotting Dentist's

        Storied Life 

     The Whole Tooth: More Humorous

        (and Sometimes Touching) Tales

        from a Globe-Trotting Dentist's

        Storied Life

     And Nothing but the Tooth: Still More

        Humorous (and Sometimes

        Touching) Tales from a Globe-

        Trotting Dentist's Storied Life

Fiction / Memoir /

[ alphabetical by author ]

Mary K. Jensen

     Rudy's Rules [excluding cover] [named

     by Kirkus Reviews as one of the Best

     Indie Books of 2018; Gold Winner,

     IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award in

     travel; Silver Winner, IBPA Benjamin

     Franklin Award in memoir; Silver IPPY


Vickey Kall

     Death Speaker: A Novel of Ancient

     Gaul  [cover and interior only]

Martin List, MD

     Virulence and Indifference: A Young

     Polish Boy's Extraordinary Survival,

     Heroic Reconstruction, and

     Unthinkable Loss During and After

     World War II 

Susan McGrath

     The Long Sadness: World War I Diary

        of William Hannaford Ball

     To the Waters and the Wild, A Novel

Evelyne Michaut

     The Goddess Guide to Divorce, A


Mary Odgers

     Six Funerals and a Wedding, A


Valerie Rainford

     Until the Brighter Tomorrow: One

     Woman's Courageous Climb from the

     Projects to the Podium [Silver Winner,

     2015 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award,

     Best New Voice: Nonfiction]

Fiction / Memoir /

[ alphabetical by author ]

Diane Shute

     After Midnight, a novel [cover and

     interior only]

Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

     Curious Encounters of the Human

        Kind: Myanmar (Burma)   

     Curious Encounters of the Human

        Kind: Indonesia

     Curious Encounters of the Human

        Kind: Himalaya

     Curious Encounters of the Human

        Kind: Borneo

     Curious Encounters of the Human

        Kind: Southeast Asia 

     Redheads: A Comic Eco-Thriller Set in


Tori Starling

     Crazy Free, A Novel

John Stillman with Lori Stillman

     Jumping from Helicopters, a Vietnam

     Memoir [Gold Winner, 2018 IBPA

     Benjamin Franklin Award, Best New

     Voice: Nonfiction]

Stanton Swafford

     China Sea, a novel [excluding cover]

Donna Thomas

     From Pebbles to Pathways: A Journey

     of Healing the Heart One Insight at a


Ross I.S. Zbar, MD

     Floating Feathers: A Doctor's

     Harrowing Experience Within

     Conventional Medicine and

     His Impassioned Call for the Future of

     Care in America


editing, cover design, interior layout, proofreading, ebook creation, and publishing

(unless otherwise noted)

Academic / Reference

[ alphabetical by author ]

Toni Aberson & Eric H. Roth

     It's A Breeze: 42 Lively English

     Lessons on American Idioms

JJ Polk, PhD

     English in Global Contexts:

        Proficiency Tasks for Aspiring


     English in Global Contexts:

        Proficiency Tasks for Aspiring

        Learners – Answer Key

        English Questions: Practice Drills in

        All Active Tenses

     English Questions: Practice Drills in All

        Active Tenses – Answer Key

Eric H. Roth

     Compelling American Conversations:

        Questions and Quotations for

        Intermediate American English

        Language Learners 

     Compelling Conversations – Japan:

        Questions and Quotations for High-

        Intermediate  Japanese English

        Language Learners  

Paul Spencer Sochaczewski

     Share Your Journey – Mastering

     Personal Writing: The (Surprisingly

     Easy) Techniques Professional Writers

     Use to Write Personal Memoirs and

     Travel Stories That Connect with

     Editors and Readers

Specialty / Poetry /

[ alphabetical by author ]

Donna Chicone

     Pet Parent Pawffirmations: 30

     Promises from You to Your Beloved

     Dog [finalist, National Indie

     Excellence Award]

Susan Bova, PhD

     Spirit Says ... Be Inspired: A Collection

        of Original Quotes to Guide Your

        Life's Path with Gentle Wisdom

        [winner of a 2016 Living Now Book

        Award; winner of the National Indie

        Excellence Award for Gift Books and

        a finalist in Inspiration; and finalist

        for a Beverly Hills International Book


     Spirit Says ... Be Healthy: A Collection

        of Original Quotes and Affirmations

        to Guide You to Optimal Health 

        [winner of the National Indie

        Excellence Award for Well-Being

        and a finalist in Small Books; winner

        of a Beverly Hills International

        Book Award; winner of the Book

        Excellence Award]

Michelle Taylor-Jones

     Sonnets from My Soul: At Peace

Middle-Grade /
YA Fiction 

[ alphabetical by author ]

Lissa Ross

     Alias: Jet Girl and the Dolphin

     Rescue [excluding cover]

Rebecca Villarreal

     The Amazing Adventures of Selma

     Calderón: A Globetrotting Magical

     Mystery of Courage, Food &

     Friendship [excluding cover]


The majority of these titles I have done as a layout artist for She Writes Press


[ alphabetical by title ]

Above the Star, by Alexis Marie Chute

A Drop in the Ocean, by Jenni Ogden

Adult Conversation, by Brandy Ferner

After Kilimanjaro, by Gayle Woodson

After Perfect, by Maan Gabriel

A Letter in the Wall, by Eileen Brill

Alchemy of Noise, The, by Lorraine

   Devon Wilke

All the Right Mistakes, by Laura Jamison

Aloha Spirit, The, by Linda Ulleseit 

Alphonse, by Carl Sever

A Matter of Chance, by Julie Maloney

Appearances, by Sondra Helene

A Scribe Dies in Brooklyn: A Rabbi Ben

   Mystery, by Marvin J. Wolf

A Song for the Road, by Rayne Lacko

Attribution, by Linda Moore

Beautiful Illusion, by Christie Nelson

Below the Moon, by Alexis Marie Chute

Beyond a Thousand Words, by Michael


Black Velvet Coat, by Jill G. Hall

Blood Divided, by Katie Keridan

Blue Flame, by Alison Levy

Bridge of the Gods, by Diane Rios

Brill Pill, The, by Akemi C. Brodsky

But Not Forever, by Jan Von Schleh

Caley Cross and the Hadeon Drop, by Jeff


Call Me When You're Dead, by A.R. Taylor

Charming Falls Apart, by Angela Terry

Child Bride, by Jennifer Smith Turner

Colorblind, by Leah Harper Bowron

Copy Boy, by Shelley Blanton-Stroud

Cup of Redemption, by Carole Bumpus

Eliza Waite, by Ashley Sweeney

Enemy Queen, by Robert Steven


Every Other Weekend, by Margaret Klaw

Falling Together, by Donna Wilk Cardillo,


14th of September, The, by Rita


French Lover's Wife, The, by Janet


Garden of Second Chances, The, by

   Mona Alvarado Frasier

Gatekeeper, by Alison Levy

Glass Shatters, by Michelle Meyers

Gobbledy, by Lis Anna-Langston

Goddess Twins, The, by Yodassa Williams

Goodbye Year, The, by Kaira Rouda

Green Lace Corset, by Jill G. Hall

Happiness Thief, The, by Nicole Bokat

House of Bradbury, The, by Nicole Meier

House on the Forgotten Coast, by Ruth


I Like You Like This, by Heather Cumiskey

I Love You Like That, by Heather


Inside the Sun, by Alexis Marie Chute

Java Sea, by Stanton Swafford

Jenna Takes the Fall, by A.R. Taylor

Leaving Year, The, by Pam McGaffin

Life and Other Shortcomings, by Corie


Lines Between Us, The, by Rebecca


Little Woman in Blue, by Jeannine Atkins

Lockhart Women, The, by Mary Camarillo

Magic by Any Other Name, by Alison


Make a Wish for Me, by LeeAndra


Midnight Crossing, by Diane Shute

Montana Rhapsody, by Susanna Solomon

My Thirty-First Year, by Emily Wolf

On Traigh Lar Beach, by Dianne Ebertt


Other New Girl, The, by LB Gschwandtner

Pieces, by Maria Kostaki

Playground Zero, by Sarah Relyea

Reign Returned, by Katie Keridan

Resistant, by Rachael Sparks

Return of the Evening Star, by Diane Rios

Rhino Dreams, by Carolyn Waggoner and

   Kathryn Williams

Satisfaction, by Andee Reilly

Saving Bobby, by Renée Hodges

Seeing Garden, The, by Ginny Kubitz


Silver Shoes, The, by Jill G. Hall

Slipsliding by the Bay, by Barbara


Song of Isabel, by Ida Curtis

Sorting Room, The, by Michael Rose

Squirrels in the Wall, by Henry Hitz

Start with the Backbeat, by Gariné B.


Swearing Off Stars, by Danielle Wong

Time Zero, by Carolyn Cohagan

Talland House, by Maggie Humm

That's Not a Thing, by Jacqueline


Thorn Queen, The, by Elise Holland

Tolling of Mercedes Bell, The, by Jennifer


Tom Boy, by Shelley Blanton-Stroud

Treehouse on Dog River Road, The, by

   Catherine Drake

Trouble the Water, by Jacqueline


Trumpet Lesson, The, by Dianne Romain

Twelve Hours in Manhattan, by Maan


Walking on Fire, by Kathryn Crawley

Walled Garden, The, by Robin Farrar


Watermark, by Elise Schiller

What a Trip, by Susen Edwards

Who Are You, Trudy Herman?, by B.E.


Wild Boar in the Cane Field, by Anniqua


Wishful Thinking, by Kamy Wicoff

You Cannot Mess This Up, by Amy

   Weinland Daughters


[ alphabetical by title ]

Accidental Soldier, by Dorit Sasson

All Set for Black, Thanks, by Miriam


America Calling, by Rajika Bhardari

Away Up the North Fork, by Annie


Beautiful Affliction, by Lene Fogelberg

Being Ana, by Shani Raviv

Beyond Rain Man: What One

     Psychologist Learned Raising a Son

     on the Autism Spectrum, by Anne K.


Bless the Birds, by Susan J. Tweit

Broken Whole, by Jane Binns

Buried Saints, by Brin Miller

But My Brain Had Other Ideas, by Deb


Butterfly Groove, The, by Jessica Barraco

By Accident, by Joanne Greene

Coconut Latitudes, The, by Rita M.


Dancing into the Light, by Kathryn K.


Daring to Date Again, by Ann Anderson


Dear Dana, by Amy Weiland Daughters

Doctor and the Stork, The, by K.K.


End of Miracles, The, by Monica


Even if Your Heart Would Listen, by Elise


Fetish Girl, by Bella LaVey

Field House, The, by Robin Clifford


Fire Season, by Hollye Dexter

From Sun to Sun, by Nina Angela

   McKissock, RN

Frontman, The, by Ron Bahar, MD

Gridley Girls, by Meredith First

Home Free, by Rifka Kreiter

Hug Everyone You Know, by Antoinette

   Truglio Martin

I Got It from Here, by Francesca Miracola

Implosion, by Elizabeth W. Garber

I'm the One Who Got Away, by Andrea


In a Silent Way, by Mary Jo Hetzel

Incurable Optimist, by Jennifer Cramer-


Ivy Lodge, by Linda Murphy-Marshall

Jumping Over Shadows, by Annette


Just a Girl, by Lucinda Jackson

Just Be, by Meredith Rom

Keep Her, by Leora Krygier

Light in Bandaged Places, by Liz Kinchen

Lost in the Reflecting Pool, by Diana


Making the Rounds, by Patricia Grayhall

Manifesting Me, by Leah Reinhart

Many Hands Make Light Work, by Cheryl

   Stritzel McCarthy

Meeting in the Margins, by Cynthia


Mothering Through the Darkness, by

   Jessica Smock & Stephanie Sprenger

Naked at the Helm, by Suzanne Specter

Naked Mountain, by Marcia Mabee

Of This Much I'm Sure, by Nadine

   Kenney Johnstone

Once a Girl, Always a Boy, by Jo Ivester

On the Ledge, by Amy Turner

Our Song, by Lynda Smith Hoggan

Outskirts of Hope, by Jo Ivester

Paper Airplanes, by Tabitha Forney

Peanut Butter and Naan, by Jennifer


Postcards from the Sky, by Erin


Project Escape, by Lucinda Jackson

Raver Girl, by Samantha Durbin

Reconfigured, by Barbara Wolf Terao

Red Ribbon, The, by Nancy Freund Bills

Roll Back the World, by Deborah Kasdan

Rudy's Rules, by Mary K. Jensen

Sandwiched, by Laurie James

Scattering Ashes, by Joan Rough

Searching for Normal, by Karen


Sensitive One, The, by Susan Frances


Serious Little Catholics, by Kathy Gereau

Shelf Life of Ashes, The, by Hollis


Songs My Mother Taught Me, by Eva


Stepmother, by Marianne Lile

Stitching a Life, by Mary Helen Fein

There Was a Fire Here, by Rita Nye

This Is Mexico, by Carol Merchasin

Too Much of Not Enough, by Jane Pollak

Travel Mania, by Karen Gershowitz

Twentieth Century Boys, by Andrea Clark


Two Minus One, by Kathryn Taylor

Uncovered, by Leah Lax

Virgin Chronicles, The, by Marina


Walls Between Us, The, by Wendy


Wanderlust, by Karen Gershowitz

Well of Truth, The, by Elizabeth A. Gould

Yes, Again, by Sallie Weissinger

You Do Not Have to Be Good, by Dayna


You'll Never Find Us, by Jeanne Baker


Nonfiction & Poetry

[ alphabetical by title ]

A Marriage of Equals, by Catherine E.


A September to Remember, by Carole


A Story That Matters, by Gina L. Carroll

Benediction for a Black Swan, by Mimi


Braided, by Beth Ricanati, MD

Curiosity Muscle, The, by Andy Fromm

   and Diana Kander

First Date Stories, by Jodi Klein

Homes with Heart, by Ruth Frost

House That Made Me, The, by Grant


It Never Ends: Mothering Middle-Age

   Daughters, edited by Nan Gefen and

   Sandra Butler

Manage Your Life Before Life Manages

   You, by Alicia M. Rodriguez

No Thanks, by Keturah Kendrick

Recipes for Redemption, by Carole


Roots and Wings, by Margery Kraus

Searching for Family and Traditions at

   the FrenchTable, Book One, by Carole


Searching for Family and Traditions at

   the FrenchTable, Book Two by Carole


Saint Hildegard, by Susan Garthwaite

Soul Psalms, by U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo

Stop Giving It Away, by Cherilynn M.


Teaching with Heart, by Jennifer Nelson

Tell Me Your Story, by Tuya Pearl

Cover Design Only

fiction & nonfiction

A Scribe Dies in Brooklyn: A Rabbi Ben

   Mystery, by Marvin J. Wolf

Ditch, Dare, Do! 66 Ways to Become

   Influential, Indispensable and

   Incredibly Happy at Work, by

   William Arruda & Deb Dib

For Whom the Shofar Blows: A Rabbi

   Ben Mystery, by Marvin J. Wolf

Intuitive Writing, by Jacqueline Fisch

Midnight Crossing, by Diane Shute

My Other Ex, by Jessica Smock &

   Stephanie Sprenger

Perfect Crimes, by Marvin J. Wolf &

   Katherine Mader

Rotten Apples: True Stories of New York

   Crime and Mystery, by Marvin J. Wolf &

   Katherine Mader

World Series of Murder, by John Vorhaus

Editorial Only

nonfiction & memoir

A Nation of Unwell, by Kristine L.

   Gedroic, MD

Awaken, by Julie Santiago

Compassion Code, The, by Laura Jack

Optimal Wellness, by Kristine L.

   Gedroic, MD

Where the Sun Shines, by Junior Bernard

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