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Do you have a book you want to write, but not being a writer, you're seeking someone who can step into your heart space and write it for you?


If so, I may be the person you're looking for!


Early in my career as an editor, I discovered that I had a rare gift: that of being highly empathic with my author clients. I had always been a deeply feeling person, but with my memoirists, in particular, I found I was able to step into their skin, so to speak—much the way an actor embodies a role—and express that person authentically through words on paper.


Reading Glasses on Book

After hearing my author clients say things like, "How did you know I felt that way?" or "It's like you were there," or "It's as if you climbed inside my heart" after writing passages for them, I began to realize that my skills went beyond the editorial realm. I could write in my authors' voices whether man or woman, regardless of age or background—with incredible gratification for both of us. 


After repeatedly experiencing this skill, I delved into mastering a structured yet individualized method of working with memoirists as a ghostwriter. With my ability to step into what I call one's "soul space"—and applying my extensive writing and editing background developing full-length books—I've thus far penned two powerful memoirs for authors who have remarkable stories. I've also co-authored a significant nonfiction book on putting love at the center of business. 

As with all book partnerships, but especially one this intimate, it is vital that we resonate with one another on multiple levels. So whether it's memoir or nonfiction that you're looking to craft in partnership with me as a professional writer, these are the key areas we both need to consider for a connected and fulfilling partnership:


  • the book's subject matter

  • our personalities and work styles

  • my ability as a ghostwriter to capture your essence

  • a clear understanding of your "why" for writing the book

  • familiarity with your experience and/or expertise (depending on the genre)

  • my ability to feel your feelings and express them genuinely (memoir)

  • the desired timeline

Notebook and Pen

All of these elements are vital to me when I work with an author client. Your book is a deeply personal endeavor, and I see it as such on every level, caring as much about its top-notch quality as you do. As a ghostwriting partnership involves many months and a great deal of communication, our compatibility is of primary importance. I want us both to relish our time together and be thrilled with the result!


If you'd like to explore the possibility of a ghostwriting partnership with me, please fill out my questionnaire. I'd love to be the one to help you bring your book into the world with integrity, authenticity, and excellence if I'm a great match for your project!

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