Do you have a book you want to write, but not being a writer, you're seeking someone who can step into your shoes and write it for you?


If so, I may be the person you're looking for! Here's why:


Early in my career as an editor, I discovered that I had a rare gift: that of being highly empathic with my author clients. I had always been a deeply feeling person, but with my memoirists, in particular, I found I was able to step into their skin, so to speak—much the way an actor embodies a role—and express that person authentically through words on paper.


After hearing phrases like, "How did you know I felt that way?" or "It's like you were there," or "It's as if you climbed inside my heart" after writing passages for them, I began to realize that my skills went beyond the editorial realm. I could write in my authors' voices whether man or woman, regardless of age or race, and with varying backgrounds—with incredible gratification for both of us. 


When I realized that time and time again, I could embody my authors and write in their voices—as well as apply my extensive writing and editing background of full-length books—I entered the field of ghostwriting. 


Whether it's memoir or nonfiction that you're looking to craft in partnership with a professional writer, you probably already know that it's vital to resonate with one another on multiple levels:


  • the book's subject matter

  • the personalities of both people

  • the ability of the ghostwriter to capture the author's essence

  • a clear understanding of the author's "why" for writing the book

  • familiarity with the author's experience and/or expertise

  • the ability of the ghostwriter to feel the author's feelings and express them accordingly (memoir)


All of these elements are extremely important to me when I work with an author client. Your book is a deeply personal endeavor, and I see it as such on every level, caring as much about its top-notch quality as you do. As a ghostwriting partnership involves many months and a great deal of communication, our compatibility is of primary importance. I want us both to relish our time together!


If you'd like to explore the possibility of a ghostwriting partnership with me, please fill out my questionnaire. I'd love to be the one to help you bring your book into the world with integrity, authenticity, and excellence if I'm a great match for your project!

Knowing that credibility with your readers is paramount, I am personally dedicated to writing an excellent book in your genre, ensuring your voice is clear and your content shines.


The following outlines the key details I focus on as a ghostwriter when crafting your memoir for the world to read:

  • Book's overall structure

  • Conveyance of your story with authenticity

  • Consistency and trueness of voice

  • Realistic dialogue

  • Balance of narrative and dialogue

  • Gestures and speech patterns

  • Sensory elements

  • Continuity and focus within chapters

  • Clarity and flow of material

  • Appropriate transitions and time breaks

  • Chapter endings that prompt continued reading

  • Engagement of reader

  • Style that matches your desired tone 

  • Research, if needed

  • Meeting the chosen goals of the book

  • Intended audience
  • Overall presentation of material    

    ◦    $1.00–$1.50 per word



The following outlines the key details I focus on as a ghostwriter when crafting your nonfiction book for the world to read:

  • Book's overall structure

  • Consistency of voice

  • Continuity and focus within chapters

  • Clarity and flow of material 

  • Sense of your position as an expert 

  • Clear transitions between paragraphs 

  • Conveyance of clear benefits to the reader

  • Engagement of reader in subject matter 

  • Research and content additions, if needed

  • Intended audience/appropriate tone
  • Suggestions of ancillary materials, such as graphics or illustrations to enhance understanding
  • Overall presentation of material    

    ◦    $1.00–$3.00 per word

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