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Publishing your book is an exciting and committed endeavor, one that deserves attention to every detail. You've polished your words to perfection with a competent editor and hired a professional to create a beautiful, appropriate interior layout — why would you encase your book within anything less than a thoughtfully produced, audience-targeted cover? 


Your self-published book not only deserves but commands a professional book cover design that will draw a reader to the words inside that you worked so hard to write.



Most anyone can place a photo or graphic and some text into a template and call it a book cover … but that's precisely why self-published books often "look" self-published and therefore fall short of impressing a potential reader. There is nearly always a clear difference between a cover created by a professional and one that isn't. Scroll through a list on Amazon or browse bookstore shelves and notice how your perception of a book is influenced by its cover; that first impression is typically the make-or-break of you opening the book or wanting to know more, right?


I want readers to be compelled to open yours because the cover so fittingly reflects what's inside that it's irresistible not to! As a cover designer with experience in creating engaging covers in numerous genres—including fiction, memoir, various nonfiction, academic, and poetry / inspirational, you can be assured your book will reflect your content beautifully (and I never use templates, so your book will always be unique to you) and be a strong draw for your target audience.


Whether you're publishing something new or re-publishing a previous release, I will work with you to bring the essence of your book into your cover art, not only with thoughtful market research and knowledge of trends, but with expertise, care, and attention to every detail.


You and your labor of love deserve it!​

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