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There are several ways I am different from most providers in the self-publishing arena, but perhaps the most important to you is the degree to which I care about every single detail of the book you worked so hard to write. Perfectionism isn't always seen as a beneficial trait, but I can honestly say that my perfectionism serves me very well in my profession! I simply can't publish a book for any author that hasn't had laser attention to every element from cover to cover. In short, your book will rival a traditional house publication in every possible way.



Rock Balancing

First, I have a highly structured method of determining if I'm a good match for an author's book. I not only have to feel a strong connection to the material, but I also have to sense genuine harmony between the author and me. This is because we will be working together for 4–6 months on a project that's dear to you, and will be equally dear to me. You deserve for my heart to be in it 100%, and I don't partner on any project on which I don't believe I can make that commitment to you.

Two, unlike the majority of providers who specialize in only one or two elements of book production—such as ghostwriting, developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, cover design, layout artistry, ebook creation, graphic design, or publishing facilitation—I am actually unique in the industry in that I possess well-honed competency in all of these arenas. This allows me to be a full-scope partner in taking your book from a raw manuscript to the book of your dreams, upholding the legacy of traditional publishing from cover to cover.


You won't have to coordinate an entire team of people to make your book come together or juggle varying personalities—I take your hand from start to finish. And beyond the book, I can create your marketing materials—from bookmarks and postcards to one-sheets of various types—to complete the stellar presentation package for you as a published author.

Multi-Layered Ice Cream

I have given my heart, broad skillset, and overarching passion in the book production arena for the last decade to over 70 complete books and over 275 distinct interiors, several of which have won or been finalists for notable awards.


If you're interested in finding out if I may be that trusted partner for you, please visit my FAQ, fill out my questionnaire, and we'll connect! And if you're wondering what my clients are saying about working with me, feel free to read my testimonials.​​

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