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I've been blessed to work with some of the most fantastic writers, coaches, educators, creatives, memoirists, top professionals, and business owners on their book and website endeavors, and I'm honored by and deeply grateful for the testimonials they've been so generous to write. My sincere thanks to all for our wonderful professional partnerships!

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practitioner of energy medicine, licensed hypnotherapist, intuitive counselor, and award-winning author of Spirit Says ... Be Inspired and Spirit Says ... Be Healthy

I could spend days singing praise for Stacey's work. In every aspect of book creation, Stacey is beyond exceptional. It is evident that she loves what she does. Her creations are labors of love and her final products – pure masterpieces. They say, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. I am ecstatic to say that Stacey Aaronson proves "them" wrong. She exceeds expectations and delivers beyond measure. I've come from dreaming about being an author to becoming an award-winning author, and I have Stacey to thank for that.


You will restore your faith in human kindness and dare to believe in true goodness when you have Stacey on your team. She's not just the "Book Doctor," she is the "Book Angel." I am blessed to have found her. 



one of NY's top executive coaches and author of The Glass Elevator: A Guide to Leadership Presence for Women on the Rise

If you seek perfection in your writing product, Stacey is for you. She is an editor and designer extraordinaire who will make your writing not only grammatically flawless but also visually appealing. Moreover, she brings saintly patience to the countless rounds of changes that excellent writing demands and unflagging cheer to every interaction. She is an absolute delight to work with. The only problem is that after having worked with Stacey, my expectations are so high that any other service provider I hire pales in comparison.

Mary headshot 1.jpeg


author of Six Funerals and a Wedding: A Memoir

I had the pleasure of meeting Stacey over the phone after she was recommended by a dear friend. I was nearing the end of a memoir I'd been writing for 10 years. I knew instantly that if she would take this unpolished stone full of memories, I would agree wholeheartedly. Her kindness and complete attention to details in the short conversation turned into genuine caring, total dedication, and a spirit of compassion I will never forget. In March of 2020, Stacey presented me with the sparkling diamond she had so lovingly polished through hours of conversation and guidance.  Without Stacey, I feel certain that I would never be able to feel the pride and perfection of my memoir. She not only smoothed some rough edges but painstakingly walked me down the road of grief to peace. I knew myself and my story so much better, thanks to Stacey.  Although words are the name of this game, I hardly feel mine for Stacey are truly worthy of her efforts. She is an angel sent from heaven to work magic in other people's creation and now her own. Simply put, Stacey exceeded my expectations in facilitating the editing, publishing, and launch of my first book. Thank you is hardly enough for the journey I shared with Stacey Aaronson.

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author of House of the Sun: A Visionary Guide for Parenting in a Complex World, and the memoir From Plain to Plane: My Mennonite Childhood, a National Scandal, and an Unconventional Soar to Freedom

In the category of “exceptional luck” is where I would place the unlikely series of events that led me to stumble across Stacey’s website and work with her. Stacey is a rare combination of artist, empath, wordsmith, strategist, sage, expert, and champion of others. It’s hard to say which of these she does best, but together it’s a dynamite combination. 


Five years ago, as a first-time author, I was looking for someone just to polish the cover of my book. I ended up finding Stacey and having her do a complete edit of my manuscript, a redo of the cover, and to walk me through the self-publishing process. Her promise to make a client’s book equal to or better than the quality of a traditional book publisher sold me, and she has been true to that promise. Handing your art over to someone to scrutinize, critique, and polish is a leap of faith. Certainly, an editor must be highly competent with an eye for detail, but Stacey has something else: an empathic genius for understanding her authors and how to work with each individual. She never hedged or wavered about what didn’t work or needed to be shortened, discarded, or rewritten, and yet her critiques were unfailingly graceful. Her communication skills are out of this world, and her artistic skills are equally noteworthy. Over the past five years, she has created two books, a website, workbook covers, and promotional bookmarks for me. Very few add the artistic touches that Stacey does to book formatting. They make the interior of a book a work of art. I am not easily impressed, but I could write pages about Stacey’s work and her ethics. When I was writing my memoir, I knew she was the only person I would allow to touch it. I simply can’t imagine working with anyone else and feel so lucky I found her.



wife of late author, Ross H. Shickler, and friend of co-author Duane S. Radford of Fishing Northern Canada for Lake Trout, Grayling and Arctic Char: A Fisherman's Paradise in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Stacey Aaronson epitomizes all that one hopes for in a “Book Doctor.” She demonstrates outstanding editorial skills, flair for design, and attention to detail, with a final product delivered, as promised. She makes authors feel as if their books really matter to her—because they do! Books designed by Stacey rival the best of publishing house offerings. She also explains services and costs, meets deadlines, and fulfills all contractual agreements.


My husband, Dr. Ross H. Shickler and Canadian author, Duane S. Radford, were collaborating on Fishing Northern Canada for Lake Trout, Grayling, and Arctic Char, when Ross passed away. With Stacey’s expert help and support, Duane and I completed the book the following year. This book would not have come to fruition without Stacey. While her business, editorial, and artistic skills rate at the top of any scale, her personal skills surpass all. I enthusiastically recommend Stacey’s services to any author hoping to publish a truly exceptional book.

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author of The Poems That Grief Wrote

I was referred to Stacey by an author/ client of hers. I would tell anyone in the far reaches of the earth that if they’re planning to publish a book, there’s only one person to do it with and that’s Stacey Aaronson. Whether you’re a published author or a newbie like me, she’s expert at all of it. Mine was a book of poetry, which didn’t need editing (at which she’s a star), just proofreading and the majorly important rest— layout, font selection, and full course of design for the book. Her work is flawless. Whatever your need as a writer, even writing (she herself an accomplished author), she does it all. I shudder to think whom I might have ended up with searching for guidance online. She even takes you through the final stages of setting up accounts, always explaining and answering questions about every stage of the process. She is simply the best! I almost forgot to mention one of the most important ingredients in working with her is that she’s a total pleasure to work with-—kind, funny, patient, and smart as a whip!​



award-winning author, with her father John Stillman, of Jumping from Helicopters: A Vietnam Memoir

I almost didn’t hire Stacey. I had a rotten experience with an editor and I was terrified of it repeating. Thank goodness I ignored my fear because I would find out that Stacey is a goddess in her field. She took the time to get to know me and find out why I was writing my book. She quickly understood the emotions around it and matched them. She became as passionate about my project as I was, and that encouraged me. What's more, I felt like I was her only client, always felt like her top priority. She brought out the best in the memoir and even helped my father release more details. 


Stacey is professional yet approachable, and she will blow your mind with her editorial skills, as well as with her knowledge of writing and book publishing, not to mention her artistic abilities. I could brag on her for days . . .


I hired an editor, but I gained a soul sister. 

Amy Eden headshot 2016.jpg


founder of the popular blog Guess What Normal Is and author of The Kind Self-Healing Book: Raise Yourself Up with Curiosity and Compassion

From her knowledge of the complex inner workings of the self-publishing world to her ability to gracefully reassure even the most frantic, impatient author (me) about her tried and true process, Stacey is a publishing ace. Even more honestly, she's an author's publishing angel-guide-advocate-champion! She takes a collaborative approach to editing and design, which was invaluable. She shared her knowledge generously too, such that I came out of the process of making my book with her smarter about the publishing world and how it works. In the end, I was delivered a beautiful book and the ability and the tools to promote and champion it myself. Don't just write—pull your work together professionally. I enthusiastically recommend Stacey Aaronson as an author's book full-service producer—she'll honor your work. Collaborating with her means being treated equally with kindness and professionalism, and you'll know that your book matters to her. 

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award-winning author of Boy Dreamer: An Artist's Memoir of Identity, Awakening, and Beating the Odds

Stacey came highly recommended to me by several professional writers to help me develop a partial memoir manuscript I had written over a year’s time. Being an artist not a writer, I was struggling and had become frustrated with the technical and creative processes of book writing. Stacey read through my memoir and gave me constructive criticism. After that, we began to collaborate and I hired her as my ghostwriter.   Stacey transformed my existing partial manuscript and penned the rest of my memoir as if it was written in my own words. In my opinion, my book, Boy Dreamer, is truly a work of literary excellence. It was not only runner up for the Book Excellence Award, but my collaboration with Stacey was a treasured and memorable experience. Without her partnership, I would have never been able to achieve such a great level of success. 



transcriber and annotator of The Long Sadness: World War I Diary of William Hannaford Ball and the novel To the Waters and the Wild

I transcribed and annotated my grandfather’s WWI diary to create an enduring legacy for my family. It is a very personal and heartfelt work, with my dad’s stories about his father interwoven throughout, and Stacey helped me transform The Long Sadness into a beautiful tribute to the men who fought and sacrificed so much in the muddy trenches of Europe.


Stacey is a great communicator and a joy to work with. She obviously loves what she does and her enthusiasm is infectious. She is a meticulous and diligent editor and proofreader, and while she improved the diary with her changes and suggestions, I was most impressed with Stacey’s artistic eye and creativity. She envisioned an interior layout and book cover design that perfectly captured the essence and intimacy of the book, inviting the reader into another time and place. I look forward to working with her again on my upcoming novel.



intuitive life & empowerment coach and author of the memoir From Pebbles to Pathways: A Journey of Healing the Heart One Insight at a Time

Stacey is a rare find! My experience of her work ethic and talent is nothing short of profound. From the moment she took on my book project—both designing and editing it—I was confident that I was with the right person for the job, and that feeling only got stronger as we moved forward. Stacey’s design work is tasteful and creative; her editing is intelligent, conscientious, and spot on—she found many errors my first, and very expensive, editor passed over. She was proactive and constantly looking out for what was best for me. All this added up to my book being hands-down better than it was when she first received it. It doesn’t get any better than this! In short, not only do I recommend Stacey wholeheartedly, I will use her for my future projects. She’s definitely a keeper!



clinical/sport psychologist, professional speaker, and author of The Financial Advisor's ULTIMATE Stress Mastery Guide

What can I say about Stacey Aaronson to convince you that she is the PERFECT book production partner for you? First, she is the most professional editor I have ever met, and she obsesses about getting it perfect—from the grammar to the style. If you want a polished, professional book that will attract readers like a magnet, Stacey is the editor—and book designer—for you. Second, she is a kind, sweet, wonderful young woman who makes the work so enjoyable. She is also extremely ethical and fair in terms of pricing, and she accounts for every cent you pay. Overall, it has been a terrific delight working with Stacey, and because of her, I will be producing another book with her—immediately!

Janine Kovac_Headshot_crTerry Lorant.jpg


author of The Nutcracker Chronicles

Stacey's design touches hit the perfect tone for my memoir. The subtle serif flourishes on the font add a bit of whimsy without drawing attention to itself or sacrificing readability, and it balances the sans serif chapter headings perfectly. This simplicity is graceful without being stark or overly serious and mirrors the elegance of the world of professional ballet, which is exactly what I aimed for in my writing. In a way, it’s analogous to having the perfect tutu. A beautiful costume enhances a dancer’s grace and helps her shine onstage.

Julie Santiago.jpg


transformational life coach for women and author of Awaken: 6 Sacred Steps to Remember Who You Are & Why You're Here

I simply don't know where I would be without Stacey's involvement in my book. She flew into my life like an earth angel, worked her magic, sprinkled everything with her magic touch and love, and left me and my book better because of her presence.


There are no words to describe my gratitude to Stacey. She has shown me what professionalism, devotion, service, kindness, passion, and caring really looks like.  And I simply am beyond grateful for her support with my book. I am now confident to share the book with the world, knowing how polished and nurtured and beautiful it is because of Stacey's editing.

Scheier A1.jpg


founder of Scheier+Group and author of Do More Good. Better: Using the Power of Decision Clarity® to Mobilize the Talent of Your Nonprofit Team

Stacey Aaronson in one word: AWESOME. And rest assured I very seldom rise to that level of praise, but in Stacey’s case it is well deserved. Stacey took my manuscript and patiently and deliberately fine-tuned it. She added immense value to my book and did so while maintaining the most wonderful perspective and patience. I’m also very happy with the cover and interior design she created to engage my target audience. What's more, her counsel and wisdom guided me through to a very satisfying launch of my book and I’m forever grateful. She is a true professional and a caring, compassionate, and insightful editor. Any person would be well placed in her hands.

AshDavisNoTie copy.jpg


author of A Life Through Letters: An Aging Father's Legacy, a Son's Revelation, the Birth of a Movement

Writing a book is a very personal endeavor. The words on the page represent the best of who you are and the stamp you want to leave on this world. When I started the process to self-publish, I had words on a page that represented my voice, but my collaboration with Stacey resulted in a living, breathing tribute to the spirit of those words. From the cover art to the interior design, I now hold in my hand a treasure for which I am extremely proud. Additionally, Stacey's editorial and writing assistance helped me convey the message and invite the reader to participate in ways I did not imagine. My book project would not have had the success nor received the attention I have without Stacey's contribution. I am already in discussions with her on my second project. I highly recommend her.



author of The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories

I wrote a heavily-researched book about Baby Boomer holiday trivia; I wanted it to be a fun read. That's pretty much where I ended and Stacey began. My previous book, a novel, was designed by Stacey. For The Boomer Book of Christmas Memories, she also served as editor and proofreader. She did so much work and improved the book a gazillion-fold, and I will never work without an editor again. The finished book exceeds all my expectations. It's just gorgeous—crisp, clean , bright, perfectly laid out, and with no typos or errors. Ditto the eBook! Most folks are amazed when they see the book in full color on an iPad. My book is a work of art; no New York publisher could have put out a better volume. I have recommended Stacey to many people, and I recommend her to anyone reading this.

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corporate psychologist, president of Silver Lining Psychology, and author of The Consummate Leader: A Holistic Guide to Inspiring Growth in Others ... and in Yourself

Initially, it would seem that I came across Stacey by chance, but now that my book, The Consummate Leader, is completed and up for sale, I realize it was divine intervention! Stacey provided the editing, cover design, and interior layout for my book, along with graphic design on promotional materials. Throughout the process, I was impressed with the care she took with the project. It was clear to me that she took the job very seriously, and was as determined as I was to release a book that was of the utmost quality. Stacey is an absolute professional who is responsive, attentive to detail, and creative. Beyond that, she is incredibly good-natured, upbeat, and encouraging—three qualities that are important when working so closely with someone on bringing your vision to fruition. I am ecstatic with how the book and associated materials turned out, and based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback I have received, others appreciate their value as well. I would recommend her without reservation!

RISZ.Headshot color.jpg


author of the memoir Floating Feathers: A Doctor's Harrowing Experience as a Patient Within Conventional Medicine and an Impassioned Call for the Future of Care in America

As a reconstructive surgeon, I recognize the skill it takes to separate something into its smallest components and rebuild it more functional and pleasing. Stacey did just that. I always envisioned writing a book, and through a confluence of events, some unpleasant, I was given an opportunity. Stacey's skill was evident in that my voice still shone but she recrafted it masterfully.



author of I Swear to Tell the Tooth: Humorous (and Sometimes Touching) Tales from a Globetrotting Dentist's Storied LifeThe Whole Tooth, and Nothing But the Tooth 

I have worked with several editors, including one who claimed to be an editor for a famous author, but clearly, Stacey is the best. She quickly captured the vision I had for my book series – when I asked if she could design a cover for the second book, she not only tackled that job, she also produced a concept for the whole series, which included redesigning the first book. While open to my own ideas, she gently steered me in a direction that was best for me, even though I didn’t realize it until later.


Stacey has helped with my writing while allowing me to maintain my own style (which sometimes includes grammatically incorrect phrases that are pertinent to the storyline). Humor is often tongue in cheek and she maintained that throughout. What's more, her attention to detail is remarkable. I plan to continue working with Stacey on my fourth book. She is a joy to work with, and I say “with” because she has always made me feel that this is a collaborative endeavor. I can’t imagine continuing without her.



award-winning author of Being a Super Pet Parent: Everything You Need to Know to Foster a Long, Loving Relationship with Your Dog

I want to tell you what it is like to work with Stacey. First of all, she is an extremely competent editor. She will focus on every detail and thread the story of your book in your voice until it becomes the masterpiece you imagined. She never settles for anything but the best. Her enthusiasm will make you happy to work just as hard beside her until your book is the best it can possibly be. In addition to her strong work ethic, she will also find a way to make you laugh and enjoy the entire process for the creative experience it is. This was my experience working with Stacey on my book. 


I am thrilled beyond words to have the book I dreamed of. I know that would not have been possible if I had not worked with Stacey to bring it to life through her editorial and design skills and experience. But there is more. Stacey is a wonderful person. She is authentic, honest, and respectful of everyone who interacts with her. One of the things I love most about Stacey is it doesn’t matter who you are—if you bring your book to her, it ignites her passion to ensure your book is polished from cover to cover. It is as though she cannot bear to see a book not be the very best it can be. Her commitment and drive speak for themselves as you journey with her. If you have a book and need a book production partner … well, there is only one Stacey! 

louise's best cousin rose's 80th_LI (2).jpg


author of My Swan Lake Life: An Interactive Histoir, 80,000 B.C. – May 31, 1965, A.D.

Looking for an honest, sensitive, and artistic genius? You have found one in Stacey Aaronson. But wait, there is more. Not only did she appreciate my venture in introducing a new genre of literature, the histoir (hiss-twar), I greatly appreciated Stacey's deep dedication through thick and thin, her candor, and how her observations led to improvements in clarity, order, and structure. Beyond that, she designed an impeccable cover that captured the time, place, and purpose for which I wrote the book—and indeed throughout the book, Stacey's artistry is the real McCoy.  

Toriheadshot cropped.jpeg


author of the multigenerational novel Crazy Free

I am so grateful that I found Stacey to help me publish my book. It was the perfect ending to my decade-long writing journey. I loved her enthusiasm, optimism, attention to detail, promptness, and talent for all things book related! I enjoyed working with her and she was always in sync with my vision as an author. Her editing was the perfect complement to my writing style. She loved on Crazy Free as if it was her own book and made it shine!

lee headshot 1.jpg


author of 3 Miracles and a Near-Death Experience

I am so fortunate to have found Stacey in my search for an editor—I not only met a knowledgeable professional with a dedicated work ethic, but a friend for life as well. I asked Stacey to be brutally honest with her comments, and I'll never forget how she so kindly and gently approached, asking me to dig deeper into my most private background to allow the reader to experience more details of the traumatic yet inspiring journey I had kept secret all my life. Her encouragement was liberating and helped me to add depth and purpose to the content, and then she made my story come alive with style and grace, all without changing my voice. I had no idea there were so many aspects to producing a published book, but Stacey took me through the entire process, and 99% of my book reviews have the words "well written" included. I have no words to express my gratitude to Stacey.



author of the memoir The Goddess Guide to Divorce

Writing The Goddess Guide To Divorce was an adventure in self-diving. I needed help, and I found an angel. Stacey *got* my story after a single phone call. She designed the beautiful cover that would grace and define my story for every reader. She pored over every word and every page, making them beautiful. She took my story, and my hand, and accompanied us to the finish line with tender love and care. My only wish now is to work with Stacey again. And again.

Jan headshot.jpg


author of Gathering the Fragments of Myself: A Later-in-Life Coming-of-Age Story of One Woman's Road to Wholeness

I have so much gratitude to Stacey for helping me through this difficult and amazing process. I had been working on my book for a long time, with help from a variety of editors, but I wanted someone who could help me complete the process and do what is necessary to make my book available in the world. I had no idea how to do this, but when I miraculously found Stacey, she lovingly, gently, and thoroughly helped me refine my book into a story that is compelling, inspiring, and an easy read. My voice was always in there, and now it is clearly out there. I read the final proof twice and loved it, which to me was a sign that it was finally complete.  Thank you, Stacey!



international creative consultant, screenwriter, writing teacher, and novelist

I have worked with Stacey on a variety of projects and I don't know which to laud more highly, her artistic vision, her passion, her organizational gifts or her relentless sticktoitiveness. If you need something done, from a website to a graphic design project, to something you can't even think of yet, Stacey is your go-to gal, bar none. Bonus: Just knowing her will enrich your life, you betcha!​



award-winning author of Until the Brighter Tomorrow: One Woman's Courageous Climb from the Projects to the Podium

EVERYTHING about working with Stacey was absolutely PERFECT! From start to finish she took meticulous care of every aspect of my first book—from editing to interior and cover design, PLUS my press release and marketing materials. I'm so pleased—I look forward to working with her on Book #2.

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