I've been blessed to work with some of the most fantastic writers, coaches, educators, creatives, memoirists, top professionals, and business owners on their book and website endeavors, and I'm honored by and deeply grateful for the testimonials they've been so generous to write. My sincere thanks to all for our wonderful professional partnerships!

Susan bova, ph.d.

practitioner of energy medicine, licensed hypnotherapist, intuitive counselor, and award-winning author of Spirit Says ... Be Inspired and Spirit Says ... Be Healthy

I could spend days singing praise for Stacey's work. In every aspect of book creation, Stacey is beyond exceptional. It is evident that she loves what she does. Her creations are labors of love and her final products – pure masterpieces. They say, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. I am ecstatic to say that Stacey Aaronson proves "them" wrong. She exceeds expectations and delivers beyond measure. I've come from dreaming about being an author to becoming an award-winning author, and I have Stacey to thank for that.


You will restore your faith in human kindness and dare to believe in true goodness when you have Stacey on your team. She's not just the "Book Doctor," she is the "Book Angel." I am blessed to have found her. 

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