Hello, future published author!

Do you want to self-publish a top-quality book that

rivals a traditional house publication?

Have the insider scoop to stand out above the rest in an instantly downloadable PDF!


In need of some help in writing your strategic, compelling book description, title or subtitle, author bio, or other written materials for marketing or other purposes?

Wishing for a website designer with the caring and expertise to create a site that reflects you and your book/business with top-notch design, words, and style?

How about a promotional bookmark, one-sheet, postcard, web banner, ad, or other items to make a lasting impression of you, your book, and/or your business?

In search of an engaging speaker to give a presentation on various aspects of self-publishing to speak to your writers group or other organization? Or do you need help crafting a presentation for an engaging talk?

No matter which of the above are on your wish list, I would love the opportunity to fulfill your need and deliver excellence!

There are a variety of ways I help authors enhance their book's presentation and promotion. The following outlines the creative services I offer to make your book and your brand truly shine:


  • First-rate titles, subtitles, and catchphrases

  • Compelling book descriptions

  • Engaging author bios

  • Book content, where appropriate

  • Winning articles and presentations



  • Superb interior book graphics       

  • Eye-catching bookmarks and postcards

  • Top-notch one-sheets and flyers

  • Beautiful print or online ads

  • Standout web banners

  • Professional publishing logos

  • Five-star business cards, personal stationery, and various other promotional and fundraising items



  • Perfect reflection of you/your brand built with wide-ranging creativity and uniqueness on the Wix platform​

  • First-rate content creation and editing

  • Original graphics creation

  • Attention-grabbing opt-ins

  • Seamless navigation

  • Keyword and SEO optimization

  • Purchase portals, lovely galleries, and other personalized elements


  • interactive, audience-centered talks* on all aspects of excellence in book production and self-publishing for:

          • writers groups

           • authors events

           • book clubs/organizations

           • online conferences


* Local, in-person presentations currently offered in the Seattle area; outside this area, I am happy to arrange a talk or interview via Skype.​


Various Samples

Susan Bova
Susan Bova

One-Sheet (Speaker)

Susan Bova
Susan Bova

One-Sheet (Bookstores)

Donna Chicone
Donna Chicone

One-Sheet (Speaker)

Donna Chicone
Donna Chicone

One-Sheet (Media)

A Life Through Letters
A Life Through Letters

Letter Writing One-Sheet (front)

A Life Through Letters
A Life Through Letters

Letter Writing One-Sheet (back)