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You're likely here because you know that self-publishing is a viable option for writers today, much different than it used to be. There's either a book in your head that you've been dying to write, a book in the works, or a finished manuscript on your computer that you would love to see in your hands—and you're probably wondering if self-publishing is the right option for you. If so, you likely have no idea how to get started or what your first steps should be.​


Well, you've come to the right place!

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Self-publishing has changed dramatically over the past decade, and while both traditional and indie publishing have their pros and cons, producing your book on your own definitely has a lot of pros! The problem is, most authors are lured by the do-it-yourself-and-do-it-quickly allure, which results in poorly done books that only lend to the negative reputation of self-published works.


What's the solution?


You must think like a publisher, NOT an author.​​


The first step in doing this is to avoid making the common mistakes that numerous writers make when producing their books on their own.

I know it's overwhelming to write a book (because I've done it myself!), and I also know there's a lot to consider in publishing your book. I DON'T want you falling into the statistic of authors who leaped at the self-publishing option but skipped the most crucial steps in the process, therefore putting a substandard book on the market.


I want you and your book to be embraced by readers, be seen with credibility, and be the recipient of abundant praise and sales! I've worked with over 65 authors on the full-scope production of their books, several of whom have won notable independent book awards—and I'd love to help you bring your book to life with that same integrity. 


Because of my dedication to upholding the standards of traditional publishing within the self-publishing arena, I only partner with authors who are committed to producing the highest quality book in every way, one that truly rivals or exceeds a traditional house publication in editing, cover design, interior layout and design, audience-targeted marketing research and materials, and overall presentation to readers.​​​

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If you're a writer with the same goals and are seeking one trusted partner to take you from manuscript to market with care and attention to every detail of your labor of love, I'd love to connect with you!​


Please head over to my brief questionnaire, "Tell Me About Your Book Project!" Once I receive this from you, I will reach out to you for a possible phone consult to explore how I can address your individual needs to bring your book to beautiful fruition. And if for any reason I don't believe I'm a good match for your project, I'll be honest and let you know that too.


I'm looking so forward to hearing from you!

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