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  • What services do you provide to authors?
    As outlined on The Book Doctor Is In Difference page, I provide the following services: • Ghostwriting (for nonfiction and memoir) • Developmental editing (for nonfiction and memoir) • Copy editing (for nonfiction, fiction, and memoir) • Proofreading • Cover design (certain genres excluded) • Interior layout and design • Ebook creation • Writing services (titles, subtitles, book descriptions, bios, and other marketing materials) • Graphic design (for book interior charts and other graphics) • Marketing materials design (one-sheets, bookmarks, postcards, signs, business cards, etc.) • ISBN and LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) assistance • Setup of publisher name and pub logo creation • Publishing facilitation (through KDP and/or IngramSpark) • Presentation Crafting (for group talks) • Hand-holding and cheerleading (because everyone needs at least a little)
  • How are you different from other providers in the self-publishing arena?
    Please see The Book Doctor Is In Difference page.
  • How do you determine which books you'll work on?
    There are three main determinants for the books I partner on: • I must feel a sincere connection to the project, to ensure I can operate at the highest level in producing it. • I must feel proficient in working with the particular subject matter (all editors have specific categories and genres in which they perform best). • I must have harmony with the author, to ensure our partnership will be a mutually satisfying and enjoyable one. In addition, the timeline of any prospective project must fit into my current client roster, to ensure I have an appropriate balance of clients at any given time, can reasonably meet all deadlines, and can give the deserved level of personalized attention to each client I'm working with.
  • Are there certain book topics you specialize in as an editor?
    Yes. I feel strongly connected to and well suited for the following: • most Self-Help / Health topics • most Business / Leadership topics • a variety of Spirituality / Personal Growth topics • academic books centered on Language or Foreign Language • memoirs that are lighthearted, or that have a meaningful personal journey • specialty books, such as those featuring quotes, affirmations, or poetry • books on Parenting, Animals, Sports / Hobbies, and Travel • some YA (young adult) fiction • various Inspirational nonfiction
  • Are there any subjects you won't work with?
    Yes. I will not accept any project that is affiliated with pornography, racism, evildoing, religious extremism, a spirit of hatred, or denigration or torture of human beings or animals in any way. I reserve the right to refuse any project before or during its process should any such matter arise. I am also not the best match (because these are simply not genres I connect well with) for Romance, SciFi, Fantasy, certain academic topics, and select nonfiction subjects.
  • Do you have editing samples you can provide?
    Yes, they are available on my Editorial page.
  • Do you specialize in particular types of books as a layout artist?
    I do! While I love designing all types of books and have designed many distinct memoirs and books of fiction, I also specialize in complex nonfiction and academic language books, which some layout artists simply don't do. For me, the more challenging the book is, the more creative I can be, and the more unique that particular book can become. Whatever the genre, I love creating that special interior with just the right typography, graphics, and overall presentation to ensure it reflects the content seamlessly and is highly engaging for the reader.
  • Do you use templates as a layout artist?
    No, I don't, and here's why. Each book is a piece of art that serves to convey particular content to the reader, whether fiction, nonfiction, memoir, or academic. While that content may be similar to another book, it deserves its own unique treament in typography and style, which I carefully consider and create from scratch every time. Further, I'm not a fan of templates because they only provide the structure for a few basic aspects of layout. They can't address the many "invisible" elements that a designer must know how to handle, namely proper pagination (on the correct pages); eliminating widows properly; dealing with runts, hyphenation, and tracking; and correcting instances of "rivers" and "ladders." All of that must be done by hand, page by page. Add to that how important it is to interpret the content through design, which templates cannot do with their "canned" layout and fonts, and you can probably see why I don't encourage the use of templates, nor ever use them myself.
  • How far in advance are you typically booked?
    This can obviously fluctuate, but I'm usually booked anywhere from three to six months out at any given time of the year.
  • What is the process for exploring a potential partnership with you?
    First, it's best to ensure that your book doesn't fall into one of the categories (in the above question) that I don't work with. If it doesn't, the true first step is to fill out my questionnaire to see if I might be a good match for you and your project. Once I receive the questionnaire, I will thoughtfully respond within 5–7 days, unless otherwise noted. If I think we have a potential partnership, I will propose a one-hour phone consult. After the phone consult, if harmony between us is present and we both sense the makings of a great partnership, I will ask to perform a cursory review of your manuscript, send you an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), and write you a comprehensive proposal for each stage of the book production process you are requesting. If this proposal is amenable to you and your budget and you wish to solidify the partnership, I write up the contract and we both sign it. At that point, I send you my partnership materials and master checklist, invoice for the 25% deposit (which I request at least two weeks before our start date), and we establish our timeline. We schedule a "get on the same page" call when we begin, and then off we go to build a beautiful book of excellence together! So, in short: Questionnaire —> Phone Consult —> Manuscript Review & Written Proposal —> Contract —> Plan Timeline —> Receive Deposit —> Project Kickoff Call —> Build Beautiful Book Together!
  • What are your rates for the various services you provide?
    My rates are explored in detail on their specific pages (Editorial, Cover Design, Layout Artistry, Publishing, Writing Services, Graphic Design, and Website Design), but here is a concise breakdown: Ghostwriting (for nonfiction and memoir) – $1–$3 a word Developmental editing (for nonfiction and memoir) – $100/hr Copy editing (for nonfiction, fiction, and memoir) – $80/hr Proofreading – $3 per 250 words or $50/hr Cover design – $80/hr Interior layout and design • complex nonfiction – $80/hr • simple nonfiction, fiction, memoir – $60/hr Ebook creation – $60/hr Writing services / Speaking presentations – $80/hr Graphic design / Marketing materials design – $80/hr Publishing facilitation and assistance – $60/hr Website design – $80/hr
  • How many books have you worked on and what types?
    To date, I have been involved in the production of over 220 books. Seventy-plus of those have been as a full publishing partner (editor, designer, proofreader, publishing facilitator), a few have been as a ghostwriter or co-author, and the others have primarily been as a layout artist for She Writes Press and other independent authors. I have worked on the following types of books: • several memoirs, from the profoundly moving and inspiring to the lighthearted, funny, and touching • seven academic books for foreign learners of English • a comprehensive book on writing • nonfiction topics including: —Women's, Holistic, and Nonprofit Leadership —varied Personal Growth, Stress Management, Careers, Healing & Health, and Conflict Resolution —Parenting (both children and pets) —Travel Essays and Nostalgia —recreational books on Golf and Arctic Fishing • varied Fiction, Poetry, and Inspirational • two YA novels To view a complete list of authors and titles, please visit my Clients page.
  • How long does it typically take to produce a book from cover to cover?
    From a raw manuscript, which I may receive needing various levels of editing, it usually requires four to six months for the stages of editing, cover design, layout, proofreading, and publishing to bring a book to fruition with excellence.
  • What is the average range of cost for producing a book of excellence from cover to cover?
    As you can understand, numerous factors are involved in the cost of producing a book in its entirety, including levels and amount of required editing, word count, complexity of design/layout, necessity for graphics creation, and number of proofreading rounds. As a ballpark figure, most average-length books cost between $5,000 and $8,000 to produce with true excellence from cover to cover, with some shorter, less complex books closer to $4,000, and some highly complex books from $8,000 and up. Note that ghostwriting partnerships are completely different and can range from $50,000 to $100,000+, depending on the book.
  • Have you produced any award-winning books?
    I am proud to say, yes! These titles are noted on my Clients page.
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