There are two ways I can offer my services in the arena of speaking presentations:


  1. Craft a talk for you around your book's topic and create all ancillary and visual materials to appropriately engage your audience and deliver a memorable presentation

  2. Give a talk as an expert on self-publishing to your writers group or organization to empower each member on the steps to producing their book right the first time with no regrets


If you are interested in hiring me to craft a presentation, please fill out my questionnaire and indicate that you are looking for help in that arena.

If you are interested in hiring me to give an engaging and empowering talk on the vital steps involved in self-publishing a book with excellence, please visit my contact page and reach out to me there.​ Rates for giving presentations vary based on location, size of group, and specific needs.

A powerful and memorable speaking presentation can be a huge factor in gaining credibility and exposure with your audience. If you have something of value to share around your book's subject, I can help you craft a talk, using specific proven strategies, that won't soon be forgotten.


The following outlines the key details I focus on as a writer when preparing your top-notch presentation:

  • Catchy title/subtitle

  • Captivating structure with ample elements that are certain to engage

  • Appropriate length for your time slot

  • Fitting slideshow visuals (if applicable) 

  • Compelling handout that summarizes all key points and call to action in a graphically appealing format

  • Other ancillary material, such as branded mailing list sign-up cards, appendices, references, etc.

All writing / presentation crafting services:

    ◦    $70 per hour

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