No book in today's market should exist without an electronic version, but creating a properly formatted, easily readable one for every e-reader does command a particular expertise. Though there are services that will convert your manuscript from a Word doc to an ebook, the output can be unpredictable, causing unwanted formatting and spacing that impairs the reader's experience, especially if you expect images, charts, sidebars, and the like to transfer. In most cases, they won't. 

Authors are not always aware of how to properly prepare a manuscript for the e-reader, nor do they realize how their e-book renders in many cases. For these reasons, I recommend hiring a designer who has the tools to lay out your ebook version impeccably from the first word to the last, reviewing every aspect in all Kindle and ePub formats to ensure its perfect readability before it's uploaded to a website for sale. 

As a designer with experience in creating ebooks in both fiction and complex nonfiction, I use only the most meticulous methods to prepare your book for the e-reader, providing assurance that each page will read as you intended, creating happy fans as a result.

Many special elements – custom chapter headers, tables, unique fonts, etc. – don't directly translate to e-readers, so unless you have a designer who knows how to create an ebook that retains these special elements, much of your print book's "bells and whistles" will be lost. Likewise, the content must be thoughtful, and I can help you in this arena as well.

If, for example, you ask your reader to write down answers to questions in your book, you must rephrase that request in your ebook version to reflect the device on which they're reading. For example, it's important to suggest having a notebook and pen handy or using the "Notes/Notepad" feature on their iPad/Kindle/Nook, etc. to jot things down, and then refer to those tools throughout your book. This way, your reader is not asked to perform a task that's impossible on their device. This thoughtfulness in content adjustment lends credibility to the author and gains fans in the world of readers. 

The biggest complaints when it comes to e-books are:​


  • Excessive typos​

  • Poor formatting

  • Content that doesn't properly reflect the e-reader experience (such as stated above)

I will ensure that your book is formatted to read beautifully on every device, while maintaining every special feature possible to enhance your content and the reading experience. You will receive an upload-ready .mobi file (Kindle) and ePub file (most all others readers), so that you can easily put your book directly onto Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the iBookstore, and the like for free. No outside services necessary! And if you need help with this process, I'm happy to do so!

Remember: Your ebook holds as much importance as your print book, so don't skimp on doing it right – hire a professional who knows how to make it outstanding!

Knowing that credibility with your readers is paramount, I am personally dedicated to meticulous attention to all aspects of the book you worked so hard to write. Acting as an ebook designer with experience in creating everything from fiction to memoir to complex nonfiction, you can be assured your book will look as much like your print book as possible.


The following outlines the key details I focus on as an ebook designer when preparing your book for the world to read:

Creation of: 


  • Proper chapter divisions

  • Chapter headers and other special typography that matches your print book 

  • Consistent flow and spacing of text    

  • Linked Table of Contents for easy linking to chapters

  • Correctly sized and incorporated graphics and/or images

  • Color-rich text and images, if applicable​

  • Relative links 


Assurance of:


  • No blank pages    

  • Tables and charts preserved whenever possible    

  • Compatibility with every e-reader

  • Assistance with accounts and uploads   

  • Your complete happiness!


    ◦    $60 per hour

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